Sunday, November 16, 2008

Spoiled, Not Stirred

Argh. Casino Royale set me up for a fall. Not that the newest Bond installment is bad. It's good; just not great. I give Quantum of Solace a firm B. No doubt it had all the action of its gritty predecessor, but it again proves that stunts, chases and fight scenes cannot make up for a plot with too many flat spots. Oh my wife and I had high hopes for it, especially after seeing the Batman upgrade (Dark Knight) earlier this year. Daniel Craig is still awesome as the new double 0. But we were just expecting a little more umph in the storyline and villains. I know I shouldn't be so hard; he just lost his true love for goodness sake. Perhaps this is a valley we had to tread through with him, to snap the old boy out of his melancholy over Vesper. Okay, Bond, shake it off, stiff upper. We anxiously await your next mission.
PS>> Mini spoiler alert: I was sad to see Mathis come and go so quickly. It was almost as if the put him in a red Star Trek tunic, how long was he on? Ten minutes? He was the only one we felt a bit of an attachment to from the last film, aside from Bond and M. I guess that actually helps me identify my overall feelings about the film: I felt a bit detached myself because there seemed fewer individuals and causes to root for. "B-"

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Little Shuffle

Time for a little rearranging. I will be be moving all things about The Peck over to from here on out. It is at this address you will find weekly comic updates on Dent, Cornelius and Billy as they fight to clean up the tattered streets of Sactown.

That being said, I will still continue here with my personal blog, cluttering the cybersphere with more rambling on movies, books, mishaps and errata.

Stay tuned!