Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Greetings

Here's the inked version of this month's Christmas Incompatibles. In the past I've actually penciled all my lines and then beefed them up in P-shop. This time I used a Pigma brush pen on the lines and a 4H mechanical pencil for the shading. Doing the two parts of the drawing in different mediums presents a tone consistency issue. I could use a technical or crow quill pen for the shading, but it tends to be slow going. I like the strokes for the shading to be very quick so I need to experiment with a few other tools to find the best solution. Below is the final version.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Calendar Fini

The calendar is in the can. Phew! Coming up with 12 new gags was a good drill. I also solidified my process for formatting the panels for print. Up until this point I had only posted them online, I could get away with some digital liberties in soft display. Now I have a good boilerplate process to make them print and web optimized. My only missing piece in the process is a good Cintiq screen for flatting. I'm also looking into the viability of a good tablet (iPad or Galaxy) coupled with a Dagi stylus and Photoshop Touch. All I really need them for is to speed up my flatting/coloring process. Everything else is done by hand.